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Baseball has been cut from the 2012 Olympics! Wow. Sad.

As some of you know, baseball is often referred to as “America’s National Pastime.” I’m surprised that it has been removed from the Olympics, and don’t quite understand the reasoning. According to the CNN article, one possible reason is the “doping”, or drug use, that has been in the baseball headings recently, but given the prevalence of drug use in other sports, that doesn’t strike me as a valid reason.

Another suggested reason is anti-American sentiment. I wonder if that’s it?

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  1. Maybe the more advocation is indispensable for the baseball game. Compared with playing football or basketball,playing baseball was needed more standard grounds and appliances. Only a ball is not enough.

  2. You’re right that baseball is more complicated, but it is also very popular in a wide variety of countries around the world. My suspicion is that they’ll find a way to bring it back.

  3. Perhaps, the degree of pingpong’s popularity in the world is not more than the one of baseball. In the United state, Forest Gamp is likely to be the one who was keen on pingpong game. But in china, the same plight of baseball comes into being.

  4. A few years ago I actually played baseball several times with a group of Chinese students at Tsinghua University.

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