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Chinglish Police: “Welcome to take Beijing taxi!”

坐上北京的新的出租车,就会听到一个充满魅力的女声音说这么一句话:”Welcome to take Beijing taxi!”


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  1. there are three ways to use the words “welcome to”:
    welcome to Beijing
    welcome to home

    I don’t convince whether it is the right ways to speak the sentence of “welcome to taking Beijing texi”.

  2. to加动词原形take表示将来时态
    maybe”welcome to Beijing taxi”is good.

  3. John,最近怎么不更新博客了,是不是很忙?昨天在新浪看到几位老师了。

  4. Yes, he’s turely very busy. But ,yesterday, our course ended in a success. I believe he will have spare time to update here as soon as possible.

    ccxixiccAugust 11, 2005 @ 9:03 am
  5. Yes, I’m busy, but I still should be replying to your postings! I’ll try to have more to say in the next few days.

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