Free Speech

I live in a place where I don’t have free speech. I grew up in a place where people talk about free speech all of the time. And despite that first sentence, I would consider the right to free speech to be one of my core values. There’s currently a lot of discussion of that […]


Sometimes I find myself thinking about where “home” is. I’m from Durham, NC. I’ve lived in Beijing, China, almost nonstop since graduating from college. I’m 39 years old, so I think it works out that I’ve lived in China for about as long as I lived in North Carolina. My wife was born in Hunan, […]


So I’m going to try and write something most days. I’m inspired by Seth Godin and Tony Sheng, and while I don’t expect my writing to be as profound or thoughtful (at least not always), I think that the discipline of writing something each day and finding the courage to hit “publish” will help me […]