Sculpting in Time

I’m sitting in Sculpting in Time (雕刻时光) enjoying the wireless Internet and getting ready for the Cultural Communication Class I’ll be teaching over the May holiday. The more I think about this class the more I am excited by its potential. My wish is that the class can provide an open forum to discuss cultural […]


This weekend I had a somewhat embarrassing and in retrospect hilarious experience. A fellow from Liaoning TV asked me to go on a show called 生长 and talk about songs students like to listen to on campus. They also wanted me to sing a Chinese song and an English song. I’m terrified of singing in […]

Culture Lecture

I spoke for an hour today at school about the language of intercultural communication. About fifty or so students came, which was exciting and a bit surprising. The lecture was a sort of an introduction to the 英语交际文化速成 I’ll be teaching over the May holiday. Today’s session covered two main points. First, we talked about […]

English Evening 英语之夜

While I’ve referred to it peripherally, I haven’t specifically mentioned the fact that I’ve been hosting an evening radio show called English Evening (英语之夜) on China Business Radio (中国人民广播电台经济之声). It’s broadcast every evening from 9-10 pm. In Beijing, you can listen to it on 96.6FM, and it’s also available in other cities across China. If […]


I’m on the plane now, and will post this when I get home. I’m in an aisle seat, but looking out the window made me remember how much I love flying, especially watching the cars, roads, fields and buildings get smaller and smaller as the plane heads towards cruising altitude. Once up in the air, […]