iMessage and SMS

Apple’s iMessage is both one of the largest messaging platforms in the world, and largely invisible. It essentially resides entirely in Apple’s messaging app, which is connected to and has its roots in SMS phone text messages. When you are connected to the internet and messaging an Apple user with iMessage turned on, you use […]

To Conquer the Air

After reading David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers, I was curious to learn more details about the invention of machine-powered human flight, so I read James Tobin’s To Conquer the Air. McCullough’s book is more of a character study of the Wrights, including more details of their correspondence, particularly between family members, and providing a richer […]

3D Movies

I love going to the movies. And I’ve really enjoyed some 3D movies. But I hate that so many movies seem to be only available in 3D in theaters. What I love about going to the movies is the experience of watching a movie with a large group of friends and strangers. The laughter at […]