Steve Jobs on Connecting the Dots, Love and Loss, and Death

Some of you might know that I’m a big Apple fan. I’ve been a Mac user since I can remember, and I’m a bit of a dork when it comes to all things Apple.

So I was excited when I read that Steve Jobs, the Founder and CEO of Apple, had given a commencement address at Stanford University, and I was pleased to find the text of his address here.

He has a lot of worthwhile things to say about life, but one message comes through the strongest: do what you love.

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  1. hi john.nice to watch your new comment.

    it’s so dramatic that my boyfriend(you met him last winter) is also a super and crazy apple fan!:)

  2. The most and unique flaw of the Apple computer is that it is disable to support pirate software so that nobody in china but few millionair or rich man can afford the software, specially games.

  3. Interesting point, ccxixicc. I think that what you’re talking about was a problem at one point, but now most people download pirated software anyway.

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