Summer classes!

The summer break is here! Most of the students arrive tomorrow, but today marks the arrival of many students for our residential classes. It was fun to come to school today and share in their excitement.

My Culture Class starts tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to meeting the students that I will be spending ten days with.

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  1. I have posted my comment,and submit, but there is no any comment about me in your main web of the website. Why did it failed to display , I don’t understand . will it be available after your confirmation?

  2. It is likely that the summer vacation is hottest for you, due to your enlighting courses. I am going to attend your American culture course on August , and look forward to your outstanding and fascinating representation.

  3. Hi John
    See you again here 🙂
    This Monday I went to the NEW CHANNEL and met you although just saying hello each other.
    I think it’s pretty good to come across you,right?

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