ZGC Book Building Lecture

I had a lecture at the 中关村图书大厦 this afternoon. I enjoyed talking with some folks afterwards about Innovations and my Culture Class, as well as about how they could help their children learn English. I recommended cartoons.

There were also some loyal English Evening listeners, and I had fun talking with them. One girl, Esther, requested that we play Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On, which I’ll try to do next week.

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  1. Well, I don’t know if I’d say fans… I guess I was excited to talk to people about our classes because *I’m* excited about our classes, and it’s always fun to talk to people who listen to the radio show because it’s a strange feeling to be talking into a microphone in a studio, and it’s fun to know that people are listening and enjoying the show on the other end. 🙂

  2. This afternoon I must arrive at the New Channel school to wait my girlfriend who attended the course of graduate examination in there. When I entering the hall, the administrator, who constantly was called ‘anut’ by chinese students, asked me why I had free time to be here and said hello to me. I was astonished that she still remembered me just because she was our administrator when I attended the new concept course one month ago. Perhaps, I was late so many times , which impressed her deeply. But, I was very happy to communicate with her like a old friend , even a family.

  3. By the way, could you help me to understand a sentence, which is ‘faked products do not necessarily pose any risk to public safety’.

    Did it have the meaning of ‘not all faked products pose risk to public satety’?

  4. Yes, that’s pretty much what it means.

    It means that the fact that something is fake does not always imply that it creates a risk to public safety.

  5. congratulations!
    Yesterday ,you did a great job and fascinated all of us. But, I seemed to make a mistake, when replying your question of the value in china. Although, fellows in our group contemplated so carefully,we still were disable to find the chinese value view as many as the group who looked for american’s.
    Perhaps, after working or liveing in some place in a long time, different people have diverse perspective. Somebody is positive, and somebody passive.
    If we are proud of china, we should think over this question with attitude of positive.

  6. Yesterday, in our class, I met a man who came from LuoYang city. After chatting with him, I know he is a teacher, and come here specially to attention the cross-culture course. I was invited to visit their hometown, which is a really good idea.

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