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Sunday night Harvey (刘洪波), Wang Xin (王欣) and I went out to our 西三棋 residential campus to welcome students from the IELTS and NETEM 考研 classes that just arrived.

We addressed the two classes together. Harvey introduced the teachers, I spoke about the importance of planning your study time, and Wang Xin went over some of the guidelines for students to remember.

After we were done, it was raining, so I gave the students there four more pieces of advice for their English study:

1) Know your reasons 想好你的原因
2) Follow your interests 跟着你的兴趣学
3) Make a plan 做一个计划
4) Persist 持之以恒

The last point is the most important and the most difficult, but it’s made much easier if the first three are taken care of…

What do you think?

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  1. It is too tired that one always think about Persisting to do something. I think people should be accustomed to plan something and complete it, just like eating or sleeping, even entertainment. Study is just a part of life. if you want to live on this world, you have to learn how to comple yourself like and be keen on what you are not interesting. So, I believe the word of Persist should be substituded by custom.

  2. Exactly. One of the easiest way to “persist” is to build good study habits. 🙂

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