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My Book: 标准英语口语操练手册

speakingbook.jpgIt’s finally out! My handbook on practicing spoken English arrived today. The book describes a simple and effective way to practice your spoken English.

Thanks so much to 胡老师,蔡菁,and 郭霞 for all their help and support. Also thanks to David Hull, Connie Wu, Rob Neal, and Eric Jenican for allowing their articles to be included as practice materials.

(I’ll post a picture of the book once I can find one.)

Update: Thanks to Eric for finding a link to the book. I’ve posted a photo above. Eric also asked if I could provide a more detailed description of the book, which I will do soon.

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  1. 已经看到了

  2. Thanks for the link, Eric!

    I’ll post a more detailed description soon.

  3. Recently,I am reading this book, in which Some articles are so fascinating. But, I like John’s pronunciation more than the British speaker’s.

  4. Congrats John! I’m really proud of you!

  5. Thanks, Dave. 🙂

    You’ll have a copy headed your way!

  6. Hi,John.It’s so happy to hear the news.
    When I first joined your course,I thought if you published a book I must buy it. Now I could buy it.haha
    Maybe oneday you will meet me in the New Channel to ask for your signature.I’m serious!

  7. I am in the intern now.I remember I once mentioned it to you,right?
    This month I work in the operation room.I am very busy and tired everyday.
    From 9.4th my boyfriend and I will begin our innovation course,so we may meet that time.I hope that.

  8. I wonder whether there is a mistake about a word in your book.

    At page 91, there is a sentence “the average cashier” .I think it should be ” the ordinary cashier”.right?

    ccxixiccAugust 27, 2005 @ 11:35 pm
  9. bcjnw,

    Which Innovations are you two taking?

    Look forward to seeing you again!

  10. ccxixicc,

    Actually, it’s okay to use the word “average” in that way. It can have the meaning of “ordinary” or “normal”.

    There are some mistakes in the book, though, that we didn’t catch before going to press. Can you find the one on page 90? 😉

  11. I take the senior A and my boyfriend will join the junior B.

  12. Hmm… There are some Innovations courses starting on the third, but not the fourth…

  13. But in the chinese English examination, if I choose “an average people” as the right way, it is possible that I’ll fail to make it.

  14. Hmm… Well you couldn’t say “an average people” (because “people” is plural), but you could absolutely say “an average person”, or “average people”.

    See here:

    “3. Usual or ordinary in kind or character: a poll of average people; average eyesight.”

  15. That’s right.

    Thank you soooooooooooo much.

  16. No problem. 😉

    btw, great job with your essay on your site!

  17. John, I didn’t realize you were working on this — congratulations!

  18. Thanks, Andrew!

  19. Hey John. Andrew alerted me to your blog and book. Congratulations on being a published author. Very cool. And to think I knew you when….

  20. Hi John, I saw your pictures of Desperate Measures. They’re so funny. Thanks for your interesting and weird comedy.
    I’ll keep this secret for you, a great teacher.

  21. Cay,

    So great to hear from you! We missed seeing you guys the last time we were in the US.

  22. ccxixicc,

    Ha! How did you find those pictures? 🙂

  23. Through the link of your native friend’s blog, I can see all pictures you collected ranging from your life in the university to the wedding ceremony.

  24. Ha. Wow. It’s amazing how much information is available on the internet. 😉 Some of my favorite pictures are from university.

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