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中国文化节 Festival of China

The Kennedy Center Festival of China will be held in Washington, DC, this October. It is presented in partnership with China’s Ministry of Culture. According to the website, the festival will feature over 600 performers from China and the United States.

This should be very cool. My friend Kerry, who lives in Beijing, is going back to the states to help out with the festival. I wish I could go check it out!

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  1. Why was it named the Kenndy Center? Is it someplace to commemorate John Kenndy?

  2. Yes, exactly! For more information, see here:

  3. I see. Kennedy was a great leader with misery. He belonged to Democratic Party,like Bill Clinton. which one do you support, Democratic Party or Republican Party?

  4. Usually the Democrats.

  5. Most chinese in the states are prone to support Democrats due to their openning policy, so do I.

    By the way, Could you expain the meaning of ” spin “, and tell me how to use it? thanks.

  6. There are lots of different types of “spin”, but this is probably the one you’re referring to:

    You could say, “Don’t pay any attention to the Republican’s spin.” 🙂

  7. GREAT! this is what I need. “spin” puzzled me so long time,for I only know the meaning of 纺纱 rather than “Significant Progress In the News”.

  8. Be careful, though. “Significant Progress In the News” may have been the original meaning, but now “spin” refers to a biased portrayal of a situation in order to get people to take one’s point of view.

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