Brother Will’s in Town

My brother Will arrived last night, and he’ll stay will us for the next couple of months. He’s been playing baseball in Lithuania, and blogging about his experiences here. We’re so excited to have him in town.

Today we took him on a walk around the neighborhood, went to Wudaokou to check out Chinese schools and gyms, and had dinner at a great Korean barbecue place.

I guess this entry doesn’t really count as a thought, but it provides evidence that I did in fact think today.

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  1. Hi John and Will,

    I just e-mailed you. So it is confirmed that Will is there! Your mom told us that she thought Will was going to be there! John and I will be in Beijing for a few days. Any chance we might get to see you?
    We are leaving Monday morning for S Korea. We will be checking e-mail.

    It’d be really fun!
    Aminda (and John) Baird

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