My plan to have a thought every day has been thwarted by a variety of factors, including lethargy, a hotel without Internet access, and a laptop needing service.

It’s been great having Will staying with us. He’s been taking Chinese class at 7:20 in the morning, and exploring job possibilities. He also went to Xian last weekend, where I was giving a lecture, and got to see the Terracotta Warrriors.

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  1. John你好~~



  2. wq:

    Thanks for your comment! I recommend the following books:

    IELTS Speaking Breakthrough:
    -I really think this is the best IELTS book on the market.

    100 Speaking Topics
    -This book also contains a lot of good topics and vocabulary that are relevant to IELTS.

    IELTS ZhenJing
    -This book contains many common questions that come up on the IELTS test.

    IELTS Vocab
    -This is our vocabulary book, which is a comprehensive collection of vocab that is useful for the IELTS.

    Yes, all of these books are published by New Channel. 🙂 One reason for this is that these are the books I’m most familiar with. Another reason is that I strongly believe that they are useful to students.

    Good luck with the test!


  3. John:

    Thank u for the recommendation!
    Excuse me for distrubing you again.
    I’m really glad to receive your reply so immediately.
    I think these books must be helpful and useful.

    I’ve past English Band-6 when I was a sophomore,but my oral English is really poor.One reason for this may be the system of Chinese education. We don’t have too much practice in speaking while we put more efforts on reading and listening.

    I’ve learned much from your lecture in Xi’an.I have a plan to take the test next year.My major is International Law,so I have to get a high score in IELTS if I wanna get further education overseas.I think it’s not too late for me to start now.Practise,practise and practise.Maybe I’ll take the course of New Channel next term.Expect to see you there at that moment.


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