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Running in the Smog

As part of my crusade to include exercise in my life, I went running this morning in Beijing’s smog. Unsurprisingly, it activated my cough. My current theory is that if I start doing the running regularly I will become immune to the smog.

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  1. Len!!! Don’t do it!

    Stick to running the stairwell in your building—we don’t want you to turn into Beijing’s answer to the Marlboro Man!

  2. I’m going to try and stick with it. I figure the gained health will outweigh the carcinogens and cough. The stairwell has all sorts of fumes as well. Also, you have to admit that there is something sort of appealing about the Marlboro Man, especially since he stopped smoking.

  3. go to a gym instead. it will do the trick. “become immune to the smog”? sounds horrible to me.

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