Two Weeks in Shanghai

Things I Like About Shanghai

  1. The general feeling of the city. (Vague, I know.)
  2. Lots of fruit stands.
  3. The good selection of English books at the airport.
  4. The Element Fruit restaurant on the arrival level of the domestic terminal at the airport.

Things I Don’t Like About Shanghai

  1. 1 RMB coins that don’t fit in my wallet.
  2. Air-conditioner water dripping on my head.

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  1. Hi John,
    This is Qiqi. We used to teach IELTS together at New Oriental. I am studying now at a Ph.D. program at Penn. Could you get back to me at Would like to ask you for a favor.Appreciate it.

  2. Are you going to be back in Beijing for the Olympics, or are you in Shanghai for the duration? Did you get tickets to any of the basketball games? My uncle is leaving soon to cover the games for Gannett — he’s blogging about it here:

    I checked out that Boston Globe photo gallery from your earlier post — wow, what amazing buildings. And amazing photographs. It must be a little bewildering to see the city changing so rapidly.

    Hope you’re doing well.

  3. I’m back in Beijing for most of the Olympics. No basketball tickets, but I am going to guest on a show on the 10th to talk about the USA-China game. Don’t think anyone will be watching, though because the game will probably still be going while we’re broadcast!

    We do have tickets to some events (including the Men’s and Women’s 100 meter finals), and we’ll go to some of them. We’re looking forward to the Opening Ceremony on Friday. The plan had been to have people over to watch the fireworks, but I think they’re closing off all of the roads around our place, so I don’t think people would be able to get there.

    Thanks for the link to your uncle’s blog. I look forward to following his adventures.

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