3D Movies

I love going to the movies. And I’ve really enjoyed some 3D movies. But I hate that so many movies seem to be only available in 3D in theaters.

What I love about going to the movies is the experience of watching a movie with a large group of friends and strangers. The laughter at the funniest moments makes them even funnier; the silent attention in dramatic moments makes them feel more impactful. Ok, and also the popcorn, but they only have sweet popcorn at theaters in Beijing, which doesn’t really do it for me.

The 3D movies I have enjoyed have mostly been crazy action movies with things flying out of the screen. Sometimes, movies like that feel more immersive with 3D. For most movies, though, the 3D effects feel like a novelty, and I find it to be distracting rather than making the movie feel more immersive.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but, at least in Beijing, it seems to be hard to find non-3D options for movies that are available in 3D. So while I can still go to the theater for the experience, I can’t really avoid the distraction of 3D.

I suppose I’m on the wrong side of the market with this. People must want 3D, and be willing to pay more, or else theaters would offer non-3D versions. I guess my best option is to set up a theater at home and invite friends.

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