Independence Day

Yesterday was Independence Day (美国的独立日). The truth is, I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot about it. I am proud to be an American, though, and proud of some of the ideals that the United States stands for.

If you’re curious about some of the stories behind Independence Day, check here.

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  1. you let me recall the movie named national treasure , which represent the American desire to freedom and adventure. The story also tell me about the history of independence day , and the main hero is the most popular stars I admired.

  2. The star of National Treasure was Nicholas Cage. I like his movies, too. I particularly liked The Rock, with Sean Connery, and Con Air.

    I saw National Treasure on an airplane and can’t remember much of it.

  3. The movie let me feel uncomfortable, just like seven sins. When I seeing it, a kind of Psychological terror surrounded me, which is something I couldn’t describe it.But I still believe it is worth appreciating.

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