Innovative, Academic, Motivational, Passionate 创新,学术,励志,激情

These are the four basic tenets of our school. They represent our aspirations for being different and special. I’ve been thinking about what they mean to me, and look forward to sharing some of my thoughts in this space.

What do they mean to you?

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  1. They mean a belief to us as well as to our school.

    By the way, I always wonder whether every American believe god, Catholicism or other religions. And what’s your belief? but If it involved your privacy, it is unnecessary to reply my question .

  2. do you take it for granted that more and more chinese will believe God?

    I ever read the book ,my life, writen by Bill Clinton. When being a young man, he ever suspect whether there is God in the world, and this idea let him down a long time. Eventurally, he have found an answer, but I failed to understand his outlook. Could you give your suggestion.

  3. I listened to the audio version of Bill Clinton’s “My Life”, and really enjoyed it, but I can’t remember the part your talking about.

    I have no idea whether more Chinese will start believing in God. That’s for each individual to decide! 🙂

  4. What puzzled and fascinated me in west culture mostly is about religion. But , it seems meanless to argue this ideology. It’s definitly decided by each individual.

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