“Podcasting” is a new phenomenon that has been gaining popularity on the Internet. It’s rise in popularity is a huge gift to English learners around the world! Now you can listen all sorts of English recordings on a variety of different topics–for free!

Here is one place to look for and learn about podcasting.

Another way to download podcasts is through Apple’s iTunes, which you can download for free here (此连接也有中文解释). After downloading, open up the program and click on “podcasts”.

If you’re curious to read more about the phenomenon, here’s a NYTimes article on podcasting.

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  1. Tommorrow, I’ll buy a gift to my little sister. A fashionable ipod seems to be the best choice. It’s unbelievable about its all kinds of functions and so many supporter.

  2. Thinks a lot for your permission that you adding my blog in your website.

    I know you speak infinitely perfect chinese, but I am puzzled whether you can type chinese characters , and write them.

  3. I am happy to see my blogs can be joined.

    could you tell me your fundamental goal of establishing a blog about new channel school? do you wanna build a platform to communicate other students or to make a advertisement of the school?

  4. ccxixicc:

    Very good question. You’re right that there is certainly a promotional aspect to a blog like this, and it would be silly for me to deny it. I’m happy if people decide to come to our school after seeing this blog.

    That said, though, this is my personal blog, and my primary reason for having it is to provide a platform for communicating with students and sharing my ideas. I’ve spent years with large classes of students, and while I’ve enjoyed the experience, I miss the chance to connect with individuals, and I think this blog provides an excellent opportunity.

    So, in answer to your question, I see the fundamental purpose of this blog to be providing a service to students and a platform for me to communicate with students.

    Does that make sense?

  5. You are so great and earnest. I recognized so many teachers in your school, such as Bob Li, who has a excellent gift in the creative education. But you definitely spent much time on your students, and you regard your students as intimate friends ,not as clients. you spirit fascinate us and cheer us up. You will gain the much higher esteem of your students if keeping contact with them.

  6. hello ,john
    I’m susan ,a freshman. every evening I listened to your program hosted by doning and youwhich i loved very much .i have a passion for english ,i’m going to have my cet-6.things seems that i have some problem with my cloze passage.now i fell into hopeless straits.could u give some advice?

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