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  1. Next week, I am going to attent the fascinating evening culture course. But I wonder whether you will be filled with a feeling of excitement after teaching the same course so many times.

  2. Well, I suppose I’m most familiar with American and Chinese cultures, but I’m interested in cultures around the world. I just don’t have enough time to experience them all!

  3. Actually, the history of ancient Rome never fail to fascinate me. I constantly buy some games and movies which described many stories happening during that times.

  4. Good job. It’s important to spend time pursuing things that you are interested in. I love computers, and enjoy learning about the latest advancements to computers and the Internet.

  5. I have been working the IT field for three years. I’m merely a ordinary programmer but,sometimes, I seemed to have less interest with writing codes than three years ago when I graduating from school. I hope I could enjoy one thing forever, but it seems to be impossible to control oneself to neglect the changing world. Still, I can say myself that I love computers, and the world will lose beautiful colors for me without touching the key board.

  6. Java language.

    But recently, I have to write some C code and SQL code in unix system and Oracle.

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