Victor (李鑫) and I spent the afternoon answering questions online at 51IELTS. We were there to promote our new book, 雅思口语真经.

You can read the transcript here. (What a terrible picture!)

I also just noticed that there’s a page about me on the 51IELTS site (with another terrible picture!!).

If there are any questions about IELTS speaking or our book that we didn’t answer during the interview, please feel free to ask them in the comments here.

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  1. When concentrating on hearing the examiner’s problem, I tend to be disable to answer it on time. because I have to orgnize my sentences, translating chinese into english in my mind. When you speak chinese, is it a process of translation or habit?

  2. When I’m at my best, speaking Chinese is a habit. When I start to stumble over my words, you know that I’m thinking too much and perhaps slipping back into translation.

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