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Chinglish Police: Star Wars Subtitles 星球大战字幕


不过,我们还有另外一种考虑,也就是有的字幕做的极其差, 非常不可靠。


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  1. when seeing a film which I never saw, I constantly watch the english captions. I will turn off the captions when seeing the next time.

  2. Subtitles are okay, and can be helpful to your understanding of the film. I’d suggest turning them off when you can, especially when watching a movie for the second time.

  3. I post it again,for I am afaid that you failed to see it.

    It’s obvious that you have found your way of life, just like so many teachers in the New Channel. At the same time, I am happy and proud to meet teachers like you who impart not only language skills but the way of being a men.

    The education is a profitable industry, but I believe every teachers in New Channel school pursue the goal of building their students’ positive attitude and confidence toward the future rather than the reward of money and fame.

    But, with enlarging and development of many schools in Beijing, such as the New Oriental School, their quality of education tends to be on the decline. Unfortunately, They begun to draw more attiontion to management and profit instead of focus on creativity and characteristic. For opening all of courses which possibly lead them to get more money, they are likely to ignore what they are good at. Moveover, people who is genius in teaching are limited and difficuld to find out, but the market of students is unlimited. When they have to utilize limited resourse to satisfy unlimited requirements, the level of quality is bound to decline gradually.

    I never doubt whether the New Channel will gain sccussed in the recent future, for the school has owned the best teacher, the abundant experience, and more importantly the strong spirit of perseverance. However, I just worry about the persistent progress of our school. Therefor, I hope a prefect beginning can be accompanied with unceasing advancing.

  4. hi, John.
    i am so confused at first glance, in fact,
    subtile in Chinese should be “字幕”,so hopefully you will revise it soon

    JoannaAugust 8, 2005 @ 12:50 pm
  5. Thanks, Joanna. Sometimes it’s easy for the wrong character to slip in when you’re typing.

  6. CC:

    Thanks so much for your comment. I saw it the first time, but I actually thought it was directed to Ray, so I hadn’t responded yet.

    Thank you for your kind words about and support for our school. We all try our best to give our students a good experience, and students like you are a huge support. Please continue to comment on our work and let us know how we can improve! 🙂

  7. My girlfriend and I would like to invite you to have a dinner after the evening course. When do you have spare time these days?

  8. Well, I’m pretty swamped right now, but I might have some time later this month. Let’s talk one day after class.

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