Merry Christmas!!

Today is the third day of Christmas, so I guess my Christmas wishes aren’t all that late.

We spent Christmas in Beijing this year. Catherine and I were both hampered by canker sores, so we didn’t do much talking, but we had a great day. After sleeping in, she went to the dentist and I went to BTV to review the Olympic English episodes for the next two weeks. Then we went and got a Wii (more on that later), and got a late lunch/dinner of 粥 in Wudaokou before heading home.

Nothing terribly exciting (except for maybe the Wii), but it was great to have a day to relax together.

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  1. Hello. My son, Reilly Coch, married your high school friend Flannery Hysjulien from Durham, NC. Reilly, Flannery, and Eleanor (Nora, age 4.5 months) and I will be coming to China in March with plans to be in Beijing around March 11 or so. Your TV show sounds wonderful. I taught English for a semester in the spring of 1998 at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute — and I’ve returned to Jingdezhen (and other places in China) 11 times since then. The website shows some images about Shi Yuren, a fine porcelain artist whose life and work I researched with an exhibition in Jingdezhen in Oct. 2004. Together with friends, students, and family of Shi Yuren (whom I never met — he died in 1996 in a bicycle accident, age 68), I’m working on an exhibition of Shi Yuren’s porcelain work to be held in Beijing for 2 weeks beginning Nov. 8, 2008 (sufficiently after all the Olympic fever has abated, I hope). I’m using our home computer e-mail to write to you, but you can also write at the yahoo address above. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far — hope your cough is history by now. Looking forward to hearing from you, Carla

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