Up for Macworld

Okay, I have to admit that it’s 1am in Beijing and I’m up looking at updates of Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote.

One thought I’ve had is that the recent increase in iPod ads in Beijing might indicate that the iPhone is coming to China soon (maybe they’re “warming up the market”?), and that Jobs would have a sentence in his talk today announcing it. I’m not sure whether having stopped talks with China Mobile makes that more or less likely.

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  1. i have to admit too that it`s almost 2am in Xi`An …i just know that you have a english blog..so i wanna give you some support…
    i have a ipod player ,and i think it is cool,the sound qulity is pretty good…but there is one thing that i really don`t satisfy,which is the earphone is not good…

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