Efland, NC

Catherine and I arrived in NC late last night, and I got up a couple of hours ago with jet lag.

We have different approaches to dealing with jetlag. Hers is to sleep. She feels that as long as she sleeps enough the jet lag will go away and she’ll get back on a normal schedule. One year she slept for twenty four hours straight after getting off the plane.

My approach is more along the lines of embracing the jet lag. If I’m stuck at five in the morning I’ll get up and read a book rather than lying in bed and actively trying to sleep, because actively trying to sleep never really works for me.

I think both approaches are valid.

But I’m glad that I got to see the sunrise this morning.

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Even if I don’t have the skills to capture the image with a camera.

My parents moved to Efland, NC, a couple of years ago. I love it out here, but after a lifetime of filling in “Durham” for my US address, I still wrote “Durham” on my customs form. It’s sort of like still writing “2007” instead of “2008”, but even more ingrained.

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  1. Hi I am trying to get a feel for what Efland is like as we were looking for a town near Chapel Hill to retire too. Love woods and trees and rural atmo but like to have some shopping and medical care within 5-10 miles any insight you could provide would be appreciated.

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