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I was sad to hear of Paul Newman’s death recently.

Somehow I came across this video of David Letterman’s tribute to Newman:

Obviously, I was very impressed by the story about the Volvo.

Then yesterday I came across this story elaborating on the Volvo.

I’m a big Jon Stewart fan, so I searched YouTube for “stewart letterman 95“, which brought me to this segment:

Well, it wasn’t the story about the Volvo, but it was entertaining. Also, I noticed that Alison Krause was scheduled to be on the show that night. They ran out of time, but Dave said that she would be on the show again at her earliest convenience.

I love Alison Krause, so… I did another search for “Letterman Alison Krause 95”, which brought me to this performance:

Absolutely amazing. I don’t think I’d heard her live performances from that period before, and I found this particular performance to have a beautiful, haunting, raw quality to it.

Then I noticed a link to a performance from 2007 in the “related videos” section, and I wanted to compare:

Still beautiful, and obviously more polished, but I prefer 1995.

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  1. Awesome. I love following thought trails. My favorite moment might be the very beginning of the first Alison Krause video, before the TV watching German that recorded the clip changes the channel to Letterman. Well, that’s one way to imagine it anyway. Probably more likely that a VHS using, TV recording, YouTube posting German accidentally hit record too early when copying the Letterman segment from his or her single TV taping VHS cassette to YouTune.

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