An Apology

Despite the fact that he is almost certain never to read this, I would like to use this forum to make a public apology to the Bank of China teller I yelled at yesterday.

Most people regard me as having a pretty good temper. I don’t get angry very often. But there are some things that set me off. One of them is conversations like this:

(This particular instance involved cashing a check, but I’ve had the same conversation regarding traveller’s checks and during other banking transactions.)

“Sign here.”

“I did.”

“Sign here.”

“I did.”

“No, sign your name one letter at a time.”

“Do you want me to sign my name or just write my name?”

“Sign your name one letter at a time.”


Gets me every time. Sorry.

(p.s. My first iPhone post!)

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  1. Maybe I should! I’m just used to signing my name in illegible cursive, but you’re right that I should probably adjust for the Chinese banking system. My anger is certainly irrational.

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