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  1. I like to read your blog,the show that you posted in your blog is what I want see.the name of the TV is”talk show”?

  2. Hi John,

    I thought I it would be a bit more personal if I used your blog site rather than just send you an email. If you access my web site above (, you will see a piece of my American-based web site. I will launching a China-based site that is similar next week. I am teaching Marketing Management and Business English at Jimei University in Xiamen and I have a good friend, Cai Weim who is the NC director in the Jimei area. I am platforming my site in Fujian and plan to expand to the other provinces shortly. I thought it might be a good idea to discuss the possibility of limited partnering with more than just one school at a time (I teach B2B is better than B to consumer lol). If you get a chance, please check out the site and see if there is some use for a mutually beneficial discussion (such as providing leads from my sites to your schools as we expand out of Fujian). Many of the institutions, businesses and universities we will be doing business with require English-Intensive training in addition to Business training. I often refer my students to the local NC school for just this reason. But it has occurred to me that, if organized properly, every institution, business and university that signs up with our site might also be interested in using your capable instructional institutions in each town or city at the same time (or at various levels of instruction). Our content and primary membership is dominated by teachers, but our traffic runs about 80-1 for students (many of the teachers give their lessons right off of our content). Our numbers do not match NC, we only have 22,500 teacher members internationally, but our student users number over 1.7 million and those are the individuals that would be most likely to use NC resources and schools, if properly directed. Check out our partnering page and drop me an email on your thoughts; we may have some common ground for a referral system.

    Best Regards
    Arthur H Tafero
    (subsidiaries of

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