I can’t believe it’s 2009.

Catherine and I spent this afternoon reviewing 2008 and talking about what we want to do in 2009.

For some reason, I often think of things in terms of threes. For 2008, I set the following three goals for work at New Channel.

1. Set and carry out a realistic budget.

2. Create a 3-5 year plan.

3. Improve management systems.

While we could have done better in all three areas, we did a fairly good job at accomplishing these three goals.

This afternoon I came up with the following three goals (or areas of focus) for next year in my work life:

1. Deal with the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that come with more branch schools.

2. Effectively measure our marketing and sales activities.

3. Bring more standardization to our curriculum.

And in my personal life:

1. Keep in regular touch with friends and family.

2. Write more.

3. Exercise regularly.

Of course, there are many, many other things I want to do in 2009, but these are some areas I plan to focus on. Should be a fun year.

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  1. Those sound like pretty worthy goals! You seem to be doing well, and I’m glad for that. Please send our love to Catherine, and give us a call next time you’re back in the States!

  2. I’m a senior three student from China.I don’t like learning English for there are lots of home work,but I enjoy watching movies spoken by English.The goals for me in 2009 is become a member of a good university,even now I hadn’t decided which one yet.Your Chinese is very good.wow!How can you do this?You give me a big shock.Also make me feel that I can learn English very well.Thanks.

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